Who we are and what our goals are

Association for Men with Prostate Diseases “GLADIATOR”  is considered to be one of the most dynamically developing patient oriented organizations in Poland.
Our organization was established to popularize knowledge of prostate, kidney, urinary bladder and genital diseases as well as necessity of rudimentary preventive examinations. Our goal is to spread the knowledge that an early discovery of changes around the genitourinary system and an application of necessary treatment gives a chance of beating the disease.
One of the basic goals of the Association is consolidation of patients affected by cancerous diseases of the genitourinary system and spreading the medical knowledge for implementation of habits of disease detection, diagnostics and treatment prevention.
Association for Men with Prostate Diseases “GLADIATOR” conducts education for a broad spectrum of citizens about basic knowledge of cancerous diseases of the kidney, urinary bladder, prostate and testicles as well as the transfer of the tumor to the bone.

We print and distribute our bulletin “Gladiator” as well as brochures, pamphlets and posters in which we spread the knowledge of the necessity of performing diagnostic examinations.

A diagnostic examinations allows for a detection of the disease in its early stage and gives a chance for cure.

Don’t be indifferent! Solidarize with us and contribute to our cause. By contributing even small amounts of money you help the “GLADIATOR” Association with spreading the knowledge and you save the life of other people. Because of the need to print additional educational materials, we come to you with the request to support our cause.

 Our account number:

77 1020 1026 0000 1602 0098 3122

Association for Men with Prostate Diseases  „GLADIATOR”

im. Prof. Tadeusza Koszarowskiego
ul. Roentgena 5, 02-781 Warsaw, Poland
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